Rockitt retro 1987 model plexi

The Rockitt Retro RR50...

...a 1987 model, 50 watt Plexi replica or "PLEXICA" as I call them. Recreated to 1968 specs with exacting detail paid to 

every aspect. Handbuilt...everything, from the Baltic Birch Small Box Cabinet and tolex covering, to the Chassis, Board and Plexi Plates, is constructed here at my shop, The Launching Pad, in St. Louis MO and assembled by me. I use only the very finest parts...SOZO caps, era correct HEYBOER transformers, F&T electrolytic caps...It is a TRUE TONE MACHINE...built like they used to be...hand wired point to point.

I am always available to talk tone... the link below to contact me...


The Rockitt Retro RR50

The RR50 is a 1987 model plexi. It's a 50 watt Rockitt Retro handbuilt  68' spec plexi.

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