The rockitt retro RR100, a vintage plexi replica. A true reproduction of a Marshall super lead 1959


Rockitt Retro RR100

vintage plexi replica I am always available to talk tone...rockitt retro RR100 marshall super lead 1959 the link below to contact me. marshall super lead 1959.

rockitt retro rr100

I am always available to talk tone... the link below to contact me.

The Rockitt Retro RR100...a 1959 model SUPERLEAD 100 watt Plexi replica, or "Plexica" as I call them...reproduced in precise detail to 1969 specifications...Only the very best parts are chosen...era correct HEYBOER TRANSFORMERS, SOZO SIGNAL CAPS, CARBON COMP RESISTORS...all housed in a Large Box Cabinet constructed of hand selected Baltic Birch. An amp built as it should Hand with passion and great care. Every component is soldered, assembled, checked and re-checked by me right here on the RR Launching Pad!

Music history was made with the SUPERLEAD...truly a Rock-n-Roll Icon!

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