Rockitt Retro Combo

Rockitt Retro Combo

the rockitt retro combo. The marshall jtm45 bluesbreaker. The Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker Combo in plexi replica form...

I am always available to talk tone... the link below to contact me.

The Rockitt Retro Plexi in a  Amazing Sounding, Incredibly Versitile pairing...!!!

...both the RR50 and RR100 available in a Bluesbreaker Combo Cabinet as a 4x10 or a 2x12...and the RR50 is also offered in a smaller 1x12 version.

Every cabinet is handbuilt here in St. Louis in the Rockitt Retro Shop...the Baltic Birch used in each is selected, finished and covered with tolex by me. All RR Combos come standard with Celestion  speakers...custom speaker options are available by request...

RR50 Combo              $1799

RR100 Combo            $1999 

RR50 1x12                 $1699

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