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Rockitt Retroplexi replicas

Rockitt Retro amplifiers...made to KICK ASS...!!!
...because that is exactly how I build them. I am a life long guitar player with a passion for "vintage tube tone". I believe it to be the definitive sound of Rock-n-Roll...and for myself the Plexi is the perfect amp to achieve "that sound". All the greats have used them...and for good simply doesn't get any better...!!!            
Love and Volume!!!   

The worlds Best Vintage plexi replicas. Both the 68 marshall plexi 1987 50 watt and the 69 marshall 1959 100 watt plexi. marshall 1959 super lead plexi built to era correct specs.

The VERY BEST hand built Marshall Plexi reproductions. Photos, sound clips and ordering here! Rockitt Retro... Hand built Rock-n-Roll Machines!!! Marshall Plexi, 50 watt 1987 Marshall clone, Van Halen Brown sound, Sozo caps, hand wired plexi, Wired point to point, vintage Marshall amp tone, best plexi clone, Heyboer transformers, Plexi clone, best plexi clone, Marshall plexi clone, Marshall amps, the best Plexi reproductions, Vintage Marshall amp reproductions, Best sounding Marshall Plexi clone Lar/Mar Rockitt Retro Plexi 50 watt plexi clone Plexi Name8 Sozo caps Brown Sound PPIMV Vintage tube tone 1987 model rockitt retro Marshall Rockitt retro audio samples Content8 signal caps Marshall Plexi